Progress Report

October 25th, 2013 by stelabouras

Progress Report image

Oh the joy of updating your blog after so many months!

Seriously though, when it comes to news & updates I can’t say I am the most reliable person on this planet, I am working on it though!

Lots have happened the past few months and many more will take place in the near future, so sit tightly and enjoy the ride.

There are more or less three projects that are keeping us busy the past few months: Two iOS projects and our updated website.

The Last Priestess Devblog entry #3

January 20th, 2013 by stelabouras

Here’s another update for the progress of our upcoming iOS game, The Last Priestess!

The following image will be shown in the main menu of the title! We have already implemented the scene on the alpha builds and we are pretty happy with the end result. Thing is that there’s yet one more feature/surprise of this animation that the .gif cannot show, so you will have to be patient for the final build!

The Last Priestess Devblog entry #2

November 10th, 2012 by stelabouras

Yep, that’s right! We have a name!

Our upcoming game’s full title is going to be “The Last Priestess: Book 1" and we have already made some wallpapers for you!

Ani’s Quest Devblog #1

October 24th, 2012 by stelabouras

Hey again! Here’s the first official devlog entry for our upcoming entry Ani’s Quest!

First things first, here is a short pre-alpha gameplay video just to get an idea of how the game feels:

As you can see Ani’s Quest has an 8bit feel which might remind you of those old school shmups!

Let us know what do you think of it! Remember: this is an early alpha prototype but the core gameplay will be exactly like this: you will have to swipe your finger to the right if you believe that a word couple is an anagram and left otherwise! Leave a comment below or on Reddit thread with your thoughts!

Ani’s Quest

October 20th, 2012 by stelabouras

I think it’s about time to reveal our latest project that is keeping us busy the past few months!

Ani’s Quest is an iOS word game that revolves around a simple concept: classify which of the falling word couples are anagrams and which of them are not!

The game uses the swipe gesture and asks the player to swipe left when a couple contains two words that are not anagrams and right when the couple contains an anagram.